Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fudgesicle 5k

I've been running Fudgesicle 5ks (actually 3.15 miles) since 'back in the day'.  I haven't run one in a couple of winters.  This year we've had no snow so no snowshoe I headed over to Tewksbury on Saturday.  The races are $1 and the course is marked and has mile splits, and results are posted on CR after.  They always get a decent crowd and it is great to have the race done and head for home by 9 AM.

Dan V was planning on running 5:20 pace for 2 miles then easing up.  I have been sick for the last few days and wasn't sure what I could run.  My plan was to push the pace with Dan through 2 and if I felt good enough try to continue on.  We did the course as a warm-up then did a couple of strides and we were off.

Dan took the lead about 1/2 mile in and I tucked behind him until we hit the mile (5:27).  I moved to the front and kept the pace honest, Dan moved back in front at about 1.5 and I took over again just before 2 miles.  I hit 2 in 10:53 (5:26), about 2 seconds up on Dan.  The last mile was tough with a solid headwind and a slight up hill.  I managed to close out in 5:46 (16:39) and 42 seconds for the final part.

In all I was pretty happy with a 17:21 and a win.  Dan came in 30 seconds later in second.  I figure the time would be a little over 17 on an actual 5k course, decent effort.  The win gave me my 34th consecutive year with at least one win.  The time is my fastest on the course as a master, my previous best was a 17:30 back in 2006.

  1 Dave Dunham          166   1/4   47 M4049 Bradford   MA   17:21  5:35
    2 Dan Verrington       167   2/4   49 M4049 Bradford   MA   17:51  5:45
    3 John Rheaume         174   1/10  30 M3039 Lowell     MA   18:00  5:48
    4 James Sullivan        74   1/2   26 M2029 Chelmsford MA   18:05  5:50
    5 Liam Skinner         100   3/4   45 M4049 Lowell     MA   18:37  6:00
    6 Frank Georges        809   2/10  34 M3039 Lowell     MA   20:14  6:31
    7 Mike Hurton           96   1/8   53 M5059 Tewksbury  MA   20:24  6:34
    8 Trish Bourne          76   1/12  47 F4049 Tewksbury  MA   20:54  6:44
    9 Kali Langeria         93   1/2   19 F1519 New Boston NH   20:57  6:45
   10 Dan Beaulieu         172   3/10  30 M3039 Lowell     MA   21:03  6:47

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