Saturday, January 7, 2012

Long Run - next weekend (01-15-12)

If you are interested let me know...

Mark you calendar for the little kahuna 20.5 mile epic run from Bradford, MA to Salisbury, MA on January 15.
This very flat course from Dan's house in Bradford to the Winner's Circle in Salisbury (211 Elm Street, Salisbury, MA) has a net drop of 67 feet.  The course is a combination of road (6 miles) and trail (14 miles) with the longest road stretch on road being just over a mile.  The trail is very run-able (assuming we get no snow).
Please let Dan ( and Dave ( know if you plan on running so that we can set up a car shuttle.  The plan would be to meet at the Winner's Circle at 7:30am and then carpool to Dan's house.  Depart from Dan's house at 8:00am.  Anyone who may be interested in shorter run please contact Dave and Dan for more information (this can easily be set up).
Course breakdown:
Running TotalTerrainSplit DistNotes:
0.97Road0.97Dan's house to dry section of trail
1.97Trail1.00Trail to Quarry - bail to avoid river
2.76Road0.79Quarry to trail
5.09Trail2.33Nice long stretch to Georgetown
5.89Road0.80Trail ends, short road stretch to connect with Boston/Newburyport line
6.17Trail0.28Short trail section - bridge out
6.58Road0.41Around the bridge out via Mill street
8.94Trail2.36Back on the trail for a nice long section
9.15Road0.21Another bridge out, into neighborhood to get around
9.29Trail0.14Short trail section to Byfield center
10.67Road1.38Road section to get over route 95
14.64Trail3.97Longest trail section from Rt 95 to the Newburyport train station
15.00Road0.36Connection to the Clipper City Rail Trail
16.00Trail1.00Rail trail to the Merrimack river
16.45Road0.45Crossing the Merrimack via sidewalk on Route 1
17.69Trail1.24North on rail trail through the marsh
18.46Road0.77Short road section to avoid neighborhood and cross Rt 110
20.17Trail1.71West on the Ghost Train Rail trail
20.50Road0.33End of trail to the Winners circle

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