Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dome workout #6

Dan and I headed up to our 6th workout at the Dome on Tuesday.  There were very few cars in the lot when we arrived and we were pleasantly surprised by the relatively few kids in the infield, the track was also very quiet.

We did our normal warm-up of 3 miles easy then changed into racing flats and did another mile with strides.  I felt pretty good.  Dan was worried about his knee which he banged up during a warm-down in Lynn woods.  Dan heals quickly and is very rarely injured.  He decided to “see how it goes” so off we went.

We did 4 times a mile with 300 rest with us alternating the lead every ½ mile.  The rest was very short and but the miles felt good.  I felt better as the workout went along and Dan had no complaints about the knee.  We aimed to run “comfortably hard” and ended up running about 2 seconds per mile faster than we did in the same workout 3 weeks ago.

Dome    4x1 mile w 300 rest       
Interval Rest      2/6/2012
05:28.5 1:36     
05:28.3 1:29     
05:25.1 1:35     
05:22.9 1:31     
                        Week 6

Dome    4x1 mile w 300 rest       
Interval Rest      1/17/2012
05:31.2 1:38     
05:28.4 1:40     
05:28.7 1:34     
05:24.5 2:07     
                        Week 3

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Greg said...

Nice work out! Looks like you'll be ready for a good DH Jones.