Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dome workout

Dan and I headed to the Dome for the 5th workout in the 10 week program.  This was our first pyramid workout.  The discussion during our warm-up (3 miles plus another mile with strides) was whether the correct term is "pyramid" or "ladder".  I feel strongly that a ladder workout only goes up whereas a pyramid climbs then descends.  Dan did not agree, of course neither of us can agree on what is actually meant by the word interval in "interval workout"...
Our goal was to run around 80 seconds per quarter for the entire workout.  Due to the odd size of the track (about 315m) the rest was either a little short or slightly longer than required.  We alternated leading with Dan taking the quarter to start us off.  We were a bit quick.  Then I led the half and went out WAY too slow (83), Dan took us through a very even 3/4 after a very short rest.  Then I led the first half of the mile bringing us through in 2:41 and Dan taking us home in a strong 5:22.  I dreaded leading the 3/4 but felt the best I felt all night going 81/80/79.  Dan took over for the half running another very even split then I took the final 1/4. 
This was a good workout for us, Dan was coming off a three-hour run on Sunday and I felt I hadn't recovered from the 5,000 I raced on Sunday.  It gets tougher to recover quickly, so the best thing about a Tuesday workout is that it gives plenty of time to recover before the next weekend race.
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