Friday, February 3, 2012

USATF New England Championships

I've run 111 New England championships but last weekend was my first one on the indoor track.  Odd that over the last 25 years I've somehow avoid that.  My only USATF outdoor track was last year.  The 89 road sounds like a lot but with 7 Grand Prix races a year (and each are the USATF NE champs) it is easy to amass a lot of them.  I wonder how many people have over 100 Grand Prix races?  Maybe someone like Fram or Hammond?  I think I read that Whirlaway's Sarah Prescott has close to that many CONSECUTIVE.  That is sick!



Jason R said...
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Jason R said...

Well Dave, for comparison purposes the PA-USATF (Pacific Association) does things a little differently. Per year there are about 16 ultras (there is no shorter "Mountain" or "Trail"), 9 XC, (no idea about track since I've never done one). Here are my totals:

Ultra = 41
Road = 17
XC = 12

Total = 70

It looks like you've run one in the PA-USATF Ultra series as well: the Golden Gate Headlands 50k in 2006.

I'd be interested in seeing what totals those other guys you mentioned have as well as people in other USATF areas.

Jason Reed

s p running said...

Highest compliment coming from an amazing legend like you, Dave!!!! I am in awe of everything you've done and continue to do