Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fudgesicle race (3.15 miles)

Sadly I couldn't direct the Northfield snowshoe race this weekend due to the lack of snow, so happily I headed over to Tewksbury to test myself on the (long) 5k course.  These races are great, show up pay your $1 entry fee and race.  No messing around no bling, just race.

I did my normal warm-up, running the course plus some then changed into racing flats and headed out for another mile of strides.  I felt okay despite a hip that has been very tender for 2+ weeks.  I wasn't feeling "up" but it wasn't even 8am so maybe I was just lagging?  Anyway, I headed over to the line...shook hands with the guy who stepped up to the start and off we went.

It felt comfortably hard the first 3/4 of a mile.  I had hoped to run 5:30's for the first 2m then see if I could keep an even effort for the final 1.15.  Dave Corbett (Mystic Runners) had won the race last week in 17:33 and he sounded good as we approached the mile.  The split was a little slow (5:36) which put me 9 seconds slower than my time on January  and 6 seconds slower than I'd hoped.  I upped the tempo hoping to shake Dave, but he hung tough and then moved back into the lead.  I made a couple of moves during the second mile, hoping to break away.  Every time I increased the tempo he went right with me.  We hit 2 miles in 11:02 (5:26) which was the same split I'd run a couple of weeks back.  Dave seemed strong at this point and nearly broke away in the next half-mile.  I made another move with 1/4 mile to go but again could not shake him.  We hit 3 miles in stride (16:43) 5:41 which is solid for that mile, and was 5 seconds faster than I'd run previously.  Once I could see the line I took off and gave all I had for a 37 second split over the last .15.  I was able to gap Dave by 3 seconds.  That final .15 was 5 seconds faster than I'd covered it on the 14th!

I ended up with my second win of the year and my fastest time at Tewksbury (by one second).  I think the good conditions (29 degrees, sunny, no wind) and the constant pressure of someone else with me helped a lot to run a good time.  That would be about 17:05 for a 5k.  I'll take it :-)  No plans to go back to Tewksbury for the final couple of weeks, unless the snow never comes.

Fudgcicle 5K Series Race 5
                              Tewksbury, MA
                         8:00 AM  Febuary 4, 2012
                             29 degrees Sunny
Place Name                No.  Div/Tot Ag Div   City       St Timesel Pace 
===== =================== ==== ======= == ===== ========== 
    1 Dave Dunham          166   1/8   47 M4049 Bradford   MA   17:20  5:35
    2 David Corbett          9   1/4   28 M2029 Stoneham   MA   17:23  5:36
    3 Festus Mbuva         200   1/9   30 M3039                 18:23  5:55
    4 Peter LaGoy          235   1/13  52 M5059 hopkington MA   18:38  6:00
    5 Daniel Regan         182   1/2   17 M1519 Tewksbury  MA   19:05  6:09
    6 Frank Georges        809   2/9   34 M3039 Lowell     MA   19:54  6:25
    7 Mike Hurton           96   2/13  53 M5059 Tewksbury  MA   20:20  6:33
    8 Keith o'Brien        257   2/8   47 M4049 Dracut     MA   20:23  6:34
    9 John Feehrer          75   3/8   47 M4049 Westford   MA   20:54  6:44
   10 Chuck Farrow         189   3/13  50 M5059 Carlisle   MA   20:58  6:45
Good to see old friends out there...Hurton, O'Brien, Festus, Tom H.

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