Monday, March 26, 2012

10th Olde Salem Greens 5k XC race

I took it pretty easy this week after falling apart at the end of New Bedford last Sunday.  I was looking forward to racing at the Olde Salem Greens XC race.  Last time I was here (2007) there was snow, this year would be just about ideal conditions!
Dan and I headed over to the race a bit early and were happily surprised to see Michael Quintal drive up.  We paid the (very reasonable) $18 entry fee and picked up our long-sleeve t-shirts and then headed out for a warm-up.  We ran the course which was pretty hilly in 27 minutes.  I headed to the car and changed into my Inov-8 racing flats then headed out for another mile with some strides.

I did strides on the first tee

Close to 300 lined up for the sprint through the parking lot and onto the 9 hole golf course.  I went out but not super-hard and only Mike was in front of me as we hit the first downhill.   Then the tempo really picked up.  Mike and I found ourselves running with local runner Nick Sousa (wearing minimal shoes).  Mike kept throwing surges in that would drop me and Nick and then we'd catch back up.  We rolled through the (short?) mile in 5:28.  I felt very good on the downhill sections and would catch up or move ahead on those but Mike and Nick were stronger on the ups.  There were no "big" hills but we seemed to always be going either up or down.  We hit 2 miles in 11:22 (5:54) and then started back into the 2nd shorter loop.
Start of the second loop
Knowing what was ahead I really tried to push on the downhills.  They stuck right on me, I knew I'd be in trouble with the last 1/4 mile being uphill.  I stuck close until we started to climb and they started to kick.  I was already flat-out so there wasn't any "move" I could make.  Nick ended up winning and Micheal took second in his first race since New Years day.

I was pleased to have a solid run and although weezing from the effort I felt like I hung tough.  Dan, Mike and I headed out to the Salem Rail Trail and did a 4 mile warm-down.  I was totally spent by the end! 

    1 269 Nick Sousa            17:34  5:40   1/16   M1829 28 M Salem        MA
    2 260 Mike Quintal          17:37  5:41   1/27   M3039 34 M N.Andover    MA
    3 258 Dave Dunham        17:40  5:42   1/46   M4049 47 M Bradford     MA
    4 259 Dan Verrington      18:23  5:56   2/46   M4049 49 M Bradford     MA
    5  77 Jason Barnes          18:25  5:57   3/46   M4049 49 M Salem        MA
    6 201 Erich O'Neil          18:46  6:04   2/16   M1829 20 M Beverly      MA
    7 213 Dave Long            18:50  6:05   2/27   M3039 38 M Beverly      MA
    8  89 Chris Soucy           19:16  6:13   3/16   M1829 29 M Beverly      MA
    9  66 William Hathaway  19:17  6:14   4/46   M4049 48 M Peabody      MA
   10  32 Justin Jones          19:28  6:17   4/16   M1829 24 M Danvers      MA
Full results
Post-race posing

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