Sunday, March 18, 2012

15 Years ago - March 1997

I only raced twice during March of 1997, my foot was bothering me.  Later on I'd find out I was running on a stress fracture for about 6 months before it became a complete fracture and I'd spend nearly a year out.

Anyway, I made the most of the two races with wins at Stu's 30k (USATF New England champs) and the Merrimack River trail race.

From my training log 03-09-97 - 1.4 warm-up with Byrne (Decker), Craig (Fram) etc...felt ok but foot sore and it was freezing out there.  Some wind on the course and splits were totally inaccurate.  Pack of about 20 through 10k.  Rich Marion out front throwing all kinds of random sprints at the pack.  Jose Moreira (BAA) bolted at 7m.  We went after him and caught him at 15k with Byrne pushing.  Down to 8 in the lead group by 10 miles.  (Andy) Spaulding made a big move at 13 and pulled away.  Craig, Byrne, Eric (Morse), and I pushed hard to close.  Dropped Morse and Byrne after 16, around 17 Craig and Spauldingpulled away.  I pushed hard on the climb out of Clinton (1.5 miles to go) and took the lead with 1/2 mile to go.  Spaulding went back by me and I tucked behind him until I saw the line.  Kicked with all I had and took the win in the last 200 meters.

1 Dave Dunham CMS 1:39:15
2 Andy Spaulding GLRR 1:39:18
3 Craig Fram CMS 1:39:34
4 Jose Morira BAA 1:39:54
5 Byrne Decker CMS 1:39:59
6 Eric Morse CMS 1:40:21
I must have been pretty happy, I don't typically celebrate.
Three weeks later I hit the trails along the Merrimack River scoring a victory and a new course record running 56:52 whle putting in a 100+ mile week.

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