Saturday, March 17, 2012

Looking back - March 2002

10 years ago (March 2002) – I raced three times, with the goal being a win at the 50km National championships. 
I started the month with a “tempo run” workout at the Wakefield Police chase half-marathon.  My goal was to run around 1:15 which was my hoped for pace at the 50km (that’d get me under 3 hours for the 31 mile distance).  I was right on target finishing in 9th place in a field of over 1,700 running a 1:15:10.  Dan somehow went off course for about 300 meters but was still able to run a 1:13:02.  The following week I raced at New Bedford (USATF New England ½ marathon championships) and ran with teammate Fergus Cullen for most of the distance.  I took 54th running a 1:11:51.  The final race of the month was the USATF 50km national championship in Pittsburgh.  It was a cold and windy day (21 degrees and 25-35 mph winds) on a very exposed course along the river.  The only good thing about the double-out-back course was that you could see exactly where you stood in the field.  The plan was to run with Dan and Kevin Beck and hopefully make a move after 30km to get a win and get under 3 hours.  I was off pace right from the start and Dan was 16 seconds up by the end of the first 5km loop.  He continued to build a lead as Beck and I ran together through 25km (1:33:59).  At that point Dan was already 2:36 ahead of me.  I slowed over the second 25k (as did most everyone) and but held on to a 2nd place finish in 3:13:19.  Dan took home gold in 3:09:15.  Beck dropped out at 35km but Mark Behan took 4th place in 3:19:10 to give CMS the team title.

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