Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Robinson Preserver 5k trail race

Robinson Preserve 5k trail race

While searching for things to do while visiting my parents in Florida I came across a few races.  The Robinson Preserve race looked like the most interesting.  It is an established race which attracts a large field and it is held in a scenic nature preserve.  The biggest drawback (for me) was the 6:30 PM start time.  I don’t like racing at night.

We (mom, dad, and me) drove the 70 miles to Bradenton and grabbed our race packets.  I headed out for a 3 mile warm-up and checked out some of the course.  It was warm (80) and windy, but at least there were some high clouds keeping the sun from making it worse.  I bumped into some Greater Lowell Road Runners right before the start (they are EVERYWHERE!).

I got a good spot on the line way over on the side and got out cleanyly, which was important, there was only about ¼ mile before we got on to the narrow trail.  By the time I hit the trail I was in 7th place with the lead group pulling away.  The mile marks didn’t seem to match up with the effort (the mile seemed too fast and the third seemed too long).  I tried to work hard but didn’t feel all that good.  There were some twisty parts where I could see the guys in front of me and I was not going to catch anyone, but I also wasn’t going to be caught.  So basically I ran the entire race alone (no one to block the wind) and rolled into the finish in 17:29 for 7th overall and 2nd in the 40+.  Nearly 1,300 finished the race including mom who took 5th in the 65-69 and beat over 200 people!  The last time I raced in Florida (and the only other time I’d raced there) was almost exactly 29 years ago!  On March 26, 1983 I won the 5,000 at the Florida Relays with a 14:27.7 over THREE minutes faster than I ran at this race.

 Place    Time      Runner's Name          Age     
City                  Place
    1     16:07 Hank Campbell               32   St Pete, FL                 1    5:11
    2     16:17 Sean Daugherty              19   Bradenton, FL            2    5:15
    3     16:24 Michael Rosato                23   Gainesville, FL           3    5:17
    4     16:35 Douglas Morton               40   Sebring, FL               4    5:21
    5     16:51 Bruce Bragg                    17   Bradenton, FL           5    5:26
    6     17:08 John Biffan                      28   Unknown, XX            6    5:31
    7     17:29 Dave Dunham                 48   Bradford, MA             7    5:38
    8     17:48 Alexander Oberg              29   Unknown, XX            8    5:44
    9     17:52 Scott Lafferty                  40   Gainesville, FL           9    5:45
   10     18:39 Kevin Brennen                24   Tampa, FL                12    6:01
516 Men 1,254 total finishers

  494     38:45 Regina Dunham               69   Zephryhills, FL           935   12:26
738 women

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