Monday, August 6, 2012

Week Ending 08-05-12

I'm pleased with this week, hitting 90+ miles with travel and racing.  Had a good run in the 5,000 and 1,500 at track nationals (picked up a Bronze medal and a masters PR respectively).  Looking forward to racing a bunch of times this month.  Goal race will be the US 10km trail championships at the end of the month.  Time to put in some more miles!

M - 6 miles at lunch (new work schedule so now I'll be doing 6m every day at 11:30am)
       PM 8 miles out/back at Winnekenni

T - 415am Industrial Park 6
      Lunch 6
      PM Winni 6 loop

W - 415am Ind Pk 6
        Lunch 6

Th - 3+ warm-up at USATF track nationals.  Another mile with strides then another mile waiting around for a delayed start.  3rd place in the 5,000 in 16:53.  3 warm-down.  Later another mile getting loose for the 800 meters, then 800 in 2:25.1.  2 warm-down with Dan.

F - 12+ with Dan and Francis in the Herrick Park & Danada Preserve at 6:30 am
      4pm out and back 3 alone from the hotel in 23:44

Sat - 6am alone for out/back 6 in the Herrick Park Preserve in 45:24
        3 warm-up with Dan before his 10,000
        3 warm-down with Dan, TiVo and a big group

Sun - 8am 4 warm-up, then another mile with strides and another mile waiting for the 1,500 to start.  4:40.9 for the 1,500 then 4 mile warm-down

Week - 96

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