Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lunch Loops

Back in July I got to change my work schedule to include an hour for lunch.  That meant I could do a 6 mile run (instead of the 4 I’d been doing previously).  I usually run “comfortably” and my pace is anywhere from 8:00’s to just under 7:00’s.  I rarely run under 7:00’s unless I’m feeling very good.  I’ve been testing my hamstring the last week and consciously kept the pace “fast” at lunch.  Today I ran my fastest lunch run (37:40) and also the fastest I’ve run since hurting my hamstring back in September.  So far everything feels okay.

Here are the five fastest Lunch Run 6, that I’ve done:

7-Nov    37:40    6:17
2-Nov    39:13    6:32
27-Sep  40:24    6:44
6-Nov    40:27    6:44
1-Nov    40:37    6:46

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