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Nominations closed for 2013 Mt Washington Hall of Fame

The nominations closed yesterday, here is the complete list of those nominated for the 2013 Mt Washington Road Race Hall of Fame.  If you have any information you'd like to add on any nominee, please send me a note at - dave.dunham@comcast.net

Sumner BrownHe set an age group record in 1994 when he placed 18th overall in 1:12:27 which topped the 50+ age group. That record stood for 15 years.  He has three times in the top 25 for the 50+ age group including the third fastest time (behind only Craig Fram).  In 2004 broke into the 60+ age group with the then 2nd fastest time.  He currently holds the single age records for age 59, 63, 64, and 65 and the course record for 65+ with his 1:34:36 from 2009.  He has finished the race 25 times which ranks 28th all time.  He has run under 1:20 16 times which ranks tied for 8th and under 1:15 11 times which ranks tied for 9th.

Philip S. Campbell - born November 1, 1917 in Portland, Maine, passed away on July 9, 2008 at the age of 90. He was a long time resident of Lynnfield, Massachusetts. From the age of 48 onwards running became a passion in life. He considered his record in the Mount Washington Road Race the pinnacle achievement of his running career in his eighties.  In 1998, he set the current Mount Washington course record for Men 80-84 with a time of 2:19:48 beating the previous record by almost 17 minutes. This record remains one of the longest-standing, unbeaten marks in any age category. Five years later at the age of 85 he set a new course record for Men 85-89 with a time of 3:03:18. From 1998 to 2003 he ran the Mount Washington Road race four times finishing first in his age category each of those years while setting three course records.  He was an early and passionate advocate for age categories for senior runners in road races and played an integral role in the growth and success of the New England 65 Plus Runners Club serving as club president from 1994 through 1997.

John CederholmWon the race in 1973 in his first attempt, and went on to finish five times in the top ten from 1973 – 1978 which ranks tied for 13th.  At age 60 he set a then top ten age group time of 1:31:07.  He has run 16 times under 1:20 which ranks tied for 8th and under 1:15 10 times which ranks tied for 11th.  He has run four times under 1:10.  He has run the race 30 times which ranks 11th all-time.

Francis DarrahWon the race in the first two years it was held (1936 & 1938).  He broke his own course record in 1938 running a 1:15:28. He is one of only nine people who have ever held the course record at Mt Washington.  He is one of the three people in the history of the race to set the course record multiple times.

J’Ne Day-Lucore –She is a three-time winner (1992, 93, and 95) and finished six times in the top ten including a fourth place finish at age 40.  She ran three times under 1:20.  She is one of only ten women who have set a course record; she set the course record in 1992 with a 1:11:45.  She ran six times under 1:30 which ranks her tied for 8th.  She also has run under 1:20 three times which is also tied for 8th.  She is one of only eight women who have run multiple times under 1:15.  Set the Colorado state record in 1992 running 1:11:45, that record lasted for 17 years.

Dave DunhamDeclined nomination

George EtzweilerOldest finisher (92 in 2012), 6 time finisher between the age of 85 and 92.  All rank between 5th and 17th in the 80+ age group.  He is the only runner over age 88 to finish the race.

Craig Fram - He won the race in 1997 and has a PR of 1:03:20 that he set in 1995.  He has finished in the top five six times which ranks tied for 6th all-time.  He has won more money than any other in the history of the race.  He set the course record for 40+ in 2001 and again in 2004, when he broke the record in 2001 the previous record was the longest held record in the history of the race (1962-2001).  He has finished in the top ten 7 times which ranks 9th all-time.  He has run eight times under 1:10 which ranks 9th all-time.  He has run under 1:05 five times which ranks 6th all-time.  In 2009 he broke the 50+ age group record running a 1:06:58, taking over 5 ½ minutes off of the previous record.  He is the oldest runner to break 1:10 with his 1:08:50 in 2011 at age 52.  He owns three of the top 8 40-49 times and the top two times for the 50-59 age group.  He has the single-age records for ages 49, 50, and 52.

Simon Gutierrez - Simon has a storied history at Mt Washington, not only does he own the masters course record (1:01:34) but he also owns 6 of the top 9 masters times.  He won the race three times (2002, 2003, and 2005) and finished in the top 5 eleven times which ranks tied for second most all-time.  He has single age records for age 38, 39, 41, 42, 43, 45, and 46.  His 1:02:24 at age 46 is the 45-49 AGR.  He has finished in the top ten 12 times which ranks 6th all-time.  He trails only Craig Fram in all-time winnings with $8,000.  He set the New Mexico state record in 1999 running 1:01:38. His sub 11 1:05’s ranks second most all-time and his three sub-1:02 efforts rank tied for 5th.

Cathy HodgdonThree consecutive wins from 1980-1982.  All three times were under 1:30 averaging 1:24:07.  Kathy holds the single age record for age 22 with her 1:22:57 in 1981.  That record is the oldest women’s record in existence.

John J Kelley – Won in 1961 in a course record of 1:08:28, finished second in 1962 and 1966. 

Sean Livingston - Ran two of the three fastest times by a runner under the age of 20.  Set the age group record in 1987 placing 13th overall in 1:09:14.  His record is the oldest age group record still existing.  Set the state record for RI in 2005 running a 1:07:13.  He has the single age record for age 18.  He has run under 1:15 twelve times which ranks 8th , and under 1:10 six times which ranks 13th.  His PR (1:07:00) was set in 1993 although he came close with a 1:07:13 in 2005

Everett McBride Is tied for the 3rd longest active streak with 31 consecutive finishes and tied for 8th most finishes with 31.

Ellenora Mendonca – She had three consecutive wins from 1976-1978.  She set the course record twice with her 1:30:05 in 1977 and her 1:28:39 in 1978.  She is the only woman with multiple course records.  She led her CSU team to a women’s team record running 4:54:21, knocking a record 31:55 off the old record.

Barbara Robinson - She has five times in the top 10 for the 60+ and 70+ age groups.  Set the age group record with a 2:00:42 at age 70.  Her 2:11:11 at age 75 is the current 75-59 AGR.  She has the single age records for age 65,70, 71, 74, 75, 76, and 78  She owns 7 of the top 18 times in the 70-79 age group.  She has the 4th fastest 60-69 time (1:46:03).

Bob TeschekRace director from 1982-2010.  Bob also ran the race 8 times between 1966 and 1982 with a personal best of 1:15:52 when he placed 22nd in 1977.

Magdelena Thorsell – She won the race in 1998 with a then course record of 1:10:09.  Her course record held for 11 years which is the longest a women’s CR has held up.  Her time remains the third fastest ever run and she also owns the single-age record for age 33.  Along with then husband Simon Gutierrez, Thorsell teamed up to run a combined time of 2:13:32 which smashed the record for a married couple.

Jonathan WyattTwo time winner of the race and current course record holder. Won the race and set the standing course record with his 56:41 in 2004.  Has the 30-34 AGR, the single age 31 record and the New Zealand record.  He ranks fifth in all-time winnings with $7,000.  He is one of only twelve people to have won the race multiple times.

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