Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Track workout #2

Had a decent workout last night at the Hampshire Dome.  Dan and I got on the track a bit early (445) and did our normal 3 mile warm-up.  We switched into racing flats and did another mile with strides.  Both of us were a bit nervous about the workout, Dan felt that was due to now having expectations after doing our first workout last week.  Our goal was 800/800/Mile/800/800 at as close to 80 second 400 pace as we could get.  Rest was a little over a quarter mile due to the size of the track (317m).  It ended up going well with us running:

2:40.1 - rest 2:25
2:40.2 - rest 2:28
5:19.9 - rest 3:11 (600m)
2:38.8 - rest 2:25
2:39.5 - rest 1:04 (200m)

We closed out the workout with a 2.5 mile warm-down (19:27).

Another one in the books!

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