Saturday, January 19, 2013

Whitaker Woods snowshoe race

I headed up to North Conway this weekend for the 3rd annual Whitaker Woods 4 mile snowshoe race.  I got there a little early and it was snowing as I drove through N. Conway.  I met up with Kevin Tilton and he headed off to get things set up as I went out on the course with Double-J to finish marking the course.

KT in the snowy parking lot
We blocked off some trails that hadn't been closed off (they ski at night there) and it was a good chance to check out the course and catch up with JJ.  45 minutes later we'd finished and I switched into race gear.  I still had 30 minutes so I got in another 3 miles with some strides.  I bumped into a lot of familiar faces out on the course, it's great to see the same people come back every year.

Kevin gave some last minute instructions and we were off. He mentioned it'd be fast out there and he was right, the field sprinted out!  I was a bit surprised how fast everyone went off the line for a four mile race with plenty of room to pass.  It took me 200m to move up into third and I didn't catch Chris Dunn until nearly 3/4 of a mile.  Double-J was already 30-40 seconds up and disappeared from sight.  Chris hung tough and I didn't get a step on him until just after the mile.

I felt like I was working quite hard but at 3 miles there is an out/back type section and I could see that Chris and Danny Ferreira were close behind.  I gave all I had and hit the finish line more than two minutes after JJ in 29:10.  This years course was a little longer than last year I when I ran 28:40 (in 2011 I ran 29:39)...but it is always hard to compare snowshoe races.  The conditions were very fast!    I headed out for a very slow 2 mile warm-down and hit the road.   Kevin did a great job putting on a fantastic race, the indoor facilities are a major plus.

PlaceTimeNameSexAgeClub Points
126:56Jim JohnsonM35BAA/Dion100.00
530:30Ryan WeltsM32acidotic88.31
831:48ChuckHazzardM52Trail Monster Running84.70
931:56Amber FerreiraF30acidotic84.34

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