Monday, February 18, 2013

Moore State Park Snowshoe Race

On Saturday I headed out to Paxton MA for the first annual Moore State Park Snowshoe race.  CMS hosted this race held in a very scenic park.  I showed up early so that I could preview the course and make sure the marking was good.  I headed out and had no problems following the multiple loop meadow and single track course.  The course was fast (36:31 in my warm-up) but had rolling hills and the single track was a blast.

I met up with Steve Dowsett and we hit the road for an easy two miles to loosen up.  I chanced into racing gear and headed out for another mile in the snow.  It was snowing but the footing was solid packed.  At the start Steve blasted out and I found myself alone.  He was 15 seconds up by a mile and when we passed the start/finish at about 1/2 way he was 30 seconds up.  I closed a bit on the climb in the single-track but Steve had another gear left and he plowed on to the finish 36 seconds ahead.

I was happy with the result, worked as hard as I could but just didn't have the turnover to reel in a fast guy like Dowsett.  I hit the course for another 1.5 to close out the morning with 11 miles.  Next up: Kingman Farm night race!


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