Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week Ending 03/24/2013

I took it very easy this week, which was part of the plan to recover from the USATF half-marathon.  I felt pretty good by mid-week and it certainly helped that I got to train in just about ideal temperatures down in Florida.

M - Lunch run 6 - 47:48
      PM 6 miles out/back on the Clipper Rail trail - 48:39 

T - Lunch run 6 - 46:22
     PM 6 miles on the treadmill - 48:02 

W - 3am Industrial park 6 icy/snowy in 50:07
      3pm 70 degree! 8 miles in Zephyrhills FL 58:42

Th - 730am 4x2.5 mile park loop = 10 miles in 71:34, felt very good
       2pm 6 mile trail run at Colt Creek State park 46:55

F - 7am 4x2.5 mile park loop = 10 miles in 71:44, ankle a bit sore perfect temps for running
     1pm 6 mile trail run at Richloam firetower trail 45:18

Sat - 7am 6x 2.5 mile park loop = 15 miles in 1:46:22, stepped up the pace every lap aimed to be a litte faster each time around.  18:50/18:11/18:01/17:23/17:01/16:54

Sun - Sunrise run up Red Hill firetower plus the ridge run and Eagle cliffs.  Later three mile run to the high point in Center Harbor (24:45), later 3 miles out/back run up/down Oak Hill fire tower 25:23

Looking ahead:  I'm looking forward to the Gilmanton 5k next weekend, Scott Clark always puts on a great event.  Further down the road, I'm hoping we can put together a masters team for the US 10k championships at the James Joyce Ramble (April 28).

Week = 99
Month = 313
Year = 1,124
Life = 119,899

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