Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bow Lake 5k

Bow Lake 5k

I worked the Merrimack River trail race on Saturday so I searched for something on Sunday.  Bow Lake in Strafford NH looked like the best option.  I’d run there before (the Bow Lake 15k back in 2004) and recalled that it was hilly.  When I checked out the race course map, it confirmed what I remembered.  This would not be a fast race.

I got to the race extra early and drove the course to make sure I knew where I’d be running.  In order to finish at the Recreation building they had the start about .7 away from the finish.  So I warmed up doing the course plus a little to get 4 miles.  The course was tough with the first mile mostly uphill (100’ in the first .7) then onto dirt road and a drop until 1.6 miles when in .2 it went up 80’.  I figured it would run about the same as Gilmanton (30-45 seconds slower than a flat 5k).  I switched into racing flats and did another mile with strides.  I felt decent and noticed that no one had warmed up and only a couple of people even jogged over to the starting line (everyone walked).  It looked like I might be on my own.

I found myself in third place right away as two very young kids sprinted out.  I didn’t catch the first girl (who ended up finishing in 4th place) until about 400m into the race.  By ½ mile I couldn’t hear anyone behind me over the wheezing sounds I was making.  I hit the mile split in a surprisingly slow 5:54.  I think the mile was wrong, which is a bit strange for a certified course (but it is easy to misplace mile marks).  I had hoped to be around 5:40 for one and two.  I kept working hard and hit the two mile split in 11:28.  5:34 for that mile seemed closer to correct. The final 1.1 took me 5:51 which works out to 5:17 pace, and that seems a bit quick.  All told I hit the finish in 17:19.9 and got my fourth victory of the year.

I looped the course again to get in my mileage and then hit the  nice post-race feed and I also picked up $75 for my efforts.

1 Dave Dunham              49 M     Bradford, MA      17:20    5:35
2 Jeff Stevens                35 M     Middleton, NH     19:46    6:22
3 Davio DeLuca               14 M     Nottingham, NH  20:41    6:40
4 Ahma McCusker          13 F      Northwood, NH   21:30    6:55
5 Luke Tkaczyk               9 M                               21:38    6:58

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