Monday, May 27, 2013

Wachusett Mountain race

This was my 17th time racing up (or mostly up) Wachusett Mountain.  This year CMS change the course again, this time to a great 10k with a steady 5k of climb and a mostly run-able 5k of downhill.  My hope was to run this as hard as I could and see how if the Thursday night race took anything out of my legs.

KT and I met up with Tim M and Baz and did our warm-up by running out/back over the last 1.5 of the course.  It is always a good idea to see how the race will finish so you can judge how much you can give in a final press.  I changed into racing gear and did another mile with strides.  At the last minute I decided to wear gloves (it was 40 degrees and raining), it was a good hands were never warm during the race.

The field was solid, with 300 starters and a fair number of fast guys.  I found myself in the 20-25th place range in the first half-mile.  I wasn't sore from the 5k on Thursday and didn't feel out of "normal" for a race, but it did seem like everyone went out in a big pack.  I started to feel a good groove and by the mile (7:10) I was in 15th place.  400' of climbing done and 800 to go!

Once we turned into the park people seemed to really motor on the short downhill.  I help place and then started moving up on the guys in front of me.  By 2 miles (13:02/5:52), I caught a small pack that included Craig Fram and Ross Krause.  Both haven't raced much this year but are obviously back to being very fit.  Craig and I moved slightly ahead of Ross.  We hit the summit in 21:04 (8:02) then started the crazy downhill.

I passed a guy soon after we started down, which got me into the top 10, but soon after Brian Keefe (Somerville Road Runners) flew by.  I tried to keep rolling and hit 4 in 26:42 (5:38).  About a half-mile later Ross came flying by and for the rest of the way we fought back and forth with neither of us gaining more than a couple of steps.  We cranked out 5:24 pace to the finish but couldn't reel in Keefe.  Ross went by me for the final time with 400 to go and I just couldn't get back around him.

I was very happy with the effort and the results.  The course was a blast!  Really not my type of race, the climb just isn't steep enough for me and I can't run downhill to save my life :-)

Next up: Bretton woods fell race, USATF NE mountain series race #3

      1     35:50   Eric MacKnight        302    1/25    M20-29    Ballston Lake, NY                Whirlaway                   
      2     36:09   Brandon Newbold       190    1/29    M30-39    Nottingham, NH                   WRT                         
      3     36:12   Jacob Barnett          72    2/25    M20-29    Medford                          SRR                         
      4     36:58   Jim Johnson           270    2/29    M30-39    Madison, NH                      BAA                         
      5     37:28   Trudy Delhagen        225    3/25    M20-29    Brooklyn, NY                     HKAC                        
      6     37:40   Tristan Williams      213    4/25    M20-29    Jackson, NH                                                  
      7     37:53   Todd Callaghan        199    1/55    M40-49    Beverly                          CGCS                        
      8     38:06   Kevin Tilton          239    3/29    M30-39    N Conway, NH                     CMS                         
      9     38:29   Brian Keefe           112    5/25    M20-29    Medford                          SRR                         
     10     38:36   Ross Krause           309    4/29    M30-39    East Thompson, MA                CMS                         
     11     38:37   Dave Dunham            75    2/55    M40-49    Bradford                         CMS
     12     38:56   Andy Scott             82    6/25    M20-29    Merrimac                         Lesley U                    
     13     39:17   Allan Serrano         175    3/55    M40-49    High Falls, NY                   SR                          
     14     39:19   Tim Mahoney           179    5/29    M30-39    Holyoke                          CMS                               15     39:21   Craig Fram            131    1/53    M50-59    Derry, NH                        Whirlaway                   
     16     39:24   Tim Van Orden         308    4/55    M40-49    Bennington, VT        CMS                         
     17     39:34   Brandon Kowloon       251    1/28    M60-69    Nayaug, CT                       HKAC                        
     18     39:57   Robert Cipriano       232    2/53    M50-59    Belmont                          SRR                         
     19     41:14   Steve Dowsett         285    7/25    M20-29    Newburyport                      Whirlaway                   
     20     41:51   Bradford Klinedinst    81    6/29    M30-39    Hudson                           NBB                         
     21     42:20   Brian Ruhm            278    5/55    M40-49    Nashua, NH                       GCS                         
     22     42:31   Ryan Welts            296    7/29    M30-39    Northwood, NH                    PI/AR                       
     23     42:46   Abby Mahoney          277    1/20    F30-39    Holyoke                          WMDP                        
     24     42:52   Kristina Folcik       297    2/20    F30-39    Northwood, NH                    LS/D                        
     25     43:08   Christin Doneski       99    1/25    F40-49    Hopkinton, NH                    Whirlaway                   

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