Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The plan for this week

This week I hope to get over 21 hours (3 hours a day) of alternative exercise.  I’m in my third week of a four week stint on the injured reserves and I’m mixing it up with biking, rowing, eliptigo, and water running.  Most of my time has been on the bike since it is the most convenient of the workouts.  I can bike at lunch and in the basement whereas the other alternatives involve a little more planning and driving.  I’d rather maximize the aerobic time that I get.

The most I’ve ever done in a week was 23:13:15 back in August of 2009.  During that week I biked just under 13 hours and was in the water for a little over 10 hours. Last week I hit 20:39:33 but my biking was a lifetime high of 13:13:00.  I might end up getting over my “PR” of from 2009 depending on whether conditions are good and we bike the “four notches” this weekend.

Here are my top 5 weeks of non-running training:
07-26-09 = 19:01:37 (9:15:00 on the bike)
09-14-13 = 20:39:33 (13:13:00 on the bike)
08-02-09 = 21:03:46 (10:45:00 bike)
08-09-09 = 21:26:25 (11:45:00 bike)
08-16-09 = 23:13:15 (12:55:00 bike)

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Arthur said...

Glad to see your rehab stint is going well.