Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weissenstein Mountain race - 08/25/13

I had planned this race out about 3 months ago when I decided I wanted to do the Masters World mountain running champs in Switzerland.  I thought it'd be a good idea to go over a week before and do a race and get myself used to the time change.  Unfortunately I injured my hamstring along the way (US mountain champs at Cranmore put me over the top) and I decided at the last minute to still go and at least give it a try.  I got a cortisone shot right before I left and promised my Dr. and PT that September would be a month off to heal.  They agreed and wished me luck at the mountain races.

I was very tentative the morning of the Weissenstein 14.2km mountain race.  My hamstring was sore and I was feeling tired before even starting.  I wanted to give this a go and see if my hamstring would hold up.  I had a plan in place for the race that would have me out conservatively and push on the steep climbs but not run too fast on the flats or downs for fear of really messing up the hamstring.

I hit the trail for a 2 mile warm-up and felt reasonably okay, but tired.  I hoped to ease into things as the first 5km only climbed 650'.  Fro 5k - 9k we'd climb 1,300' (or about 550' per mile) which was where I hoped to work the hardest.  I lined up in the 4th row and stayed out of trouble for the first few sharp turns and then settled into a pace that seemed quick but not crazy.  I hit 1km in 3:44 and counted 24 runners in front of me, this would be the last time I'd see the leaders (off in the distance).

I moved up a few places and by 5k found myself in 22nd place as the climbing really started.  21:48 at 5k seemed reasonable and I was hoping to move up into the top 15.  It was a real grind for the next 4k, the long road section reminded me o Mt Washington.  I passed a few guys and around 7k one guy went flying passed me looking very strong.  I hit 9k in 45:18 with splits ranging from 5:06-6:20 per Kilometer.  I was dreading the stretch from 9-10k where we dropped 150' on forest roads, all the gains I'd made on the guys close in front of me slipped away AND another guy went flying by.  10km was passed in 49:02 (27:14 for my second 5k), then we had a climb of 1,200' in the next 2.5k (or about 825' per mile).  By 11k I was into my best position in the race (16th) but I lost a place climbing to 12km and another as we started the crazy downhill to 13k.

The last 1.2 km was a major ass-kicking for me as I lost 6 more places as we dropped over 400' in 1km.  I was not willing (or able?) to push hard on the downs and paid the price, falling back to 24th place and finishing in 1:13:56.  I ended up taking 9th in the masters and 3rd in the 45+. It looks like I lost about a minute on the final descen .   I can't really complain as my hamstring wasn't that bad but I felt sluggish throughout the race.  On to the Czech Republic!

Bold = 40-44     Red = 45-49

1. Lustenberger Daniel (92), 6010 Kriens 01:03:37.9 1114
2. Kuert Fabian (83), 4900 Langenthal 01:06:49.3 1070
3. Morand Michael (83), 2738 Court 01:07:20.2 1063
4. Makos Nils (84), 4515 Oberdorf SO 01:08:02.6 1053
5. Sollberger Kaspar (73), 3065 Bolligen 01:08:29.6 1075
6. Lanz Martin (73), 8047 Zürich 01:08:39.1 1073
7. Meinzer Stefan (71), 8610 Uster 01:08:44.0 1072
8. Füeg Marius (87), 4717 Mümliswil 01:09:25.7 1034
9. Rérat Jacques (76), 2902 Fontenais 01:09:41.8 1103
10. Eggenschwiler Bernhard (85), 4227 Büsserach 01:10:02.1 1025
11. Müller Erwin (66), 6208 Oberkirch LU 01:10:39.9 1108
12. Nussbaumer André (87), 4702 Oensingen 01:11:07.5 1010
13. Jäggi Urs (71), 4553 Subingen 01:11:40.6 1032
14. Deller Peter (71), 8045 Zürich 01:12:05.6 1027
15. Maeder Oliver (74), 2544 Bettlach 01:12:51.1 1063
16. Hagenbuch Daniel (71), 5443 Niederrohrdorf 01:13:19.8 1010
17. Sartori Gabriele (65), 8038 Zürich 01:13:28.0 1073
18. Reinmann Marco (86), 4515 Oberdorf SO 01:13:32.1 978
19. Schaller Jürg (79), 4500 Solothurn 01:13:35.8 977
20. Stohler Nico (79), 4434 Hölstein 01:13:39.9 976
21. Walter Lukas (78), 4513 Langendorf 01:13:43.6 1052
22. Dunham Dave (64), US-01835 Bradford 01:13:56.2 1067
23. Cascio Jamie (73), 4528 Zuchwil 01:14:25.3 996
24. Dähler Beat (70), 5037 Muhen 01:14:32.1 995
25. Kamber Sascha (76), 4800 Zofingen 01:14:42.0 1039

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