Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Workout – 04/15/14

Well, you have to start somewhere!  I feel like I'm just about over the "sickness" that has had me hacking and stuffed up for the last two weeks.  My ankle is also holding steady so I figured the time was right to try a little speed work.

I decided to do 8x800 with 400 rest but since I was doing it at lunch I’d have to run it on the road. 

I mapped out where the 1/4 miles were but it was hard to know exactly how accurate they were.  Usually I had a good landmark but a couple seemed long. 

2 warm-up 14:40

800- 2:51 (into the wind)

Rest- 1:45

800 - 2:43

Rest - 2:02

800 - 2:43

Rest - 1:49

800 - 2:55 (into the wind)

Rest - 2:01

2 warm-down 14:01

I think that the ones into the wind were also a little long, especially since it seems like the rest was short as well.

I’ll take any workout at this point, so I’ll call this a good start.

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