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New England 5 mile championships

USATF New England 5 mile championships

It has been a couple of months since the last USATF NE road championship race (collectively the series is called the ‘Grand Prix’).  This weekend was the 5 mile championships at a new venue.  The last few years it had been held in Carver in July, picture hot and humid (but scenic).  Merrimack NH, and specifically the Brewery was anything but scenic but at least it wasn’t hot in humid.  It was warm (70s) and there was a very strong wind to contend with.  At least the head-wind would be during the first half of the race and then a tailwind for the last two miles.

D-La, Dan, and I carpooled and arrived extra early for the ½ mile hike from the parking area to the race site.  We got together with a group of CMS guys and checked out the first (and last) 1.5 miles of the course.  We’d driven the other part previously so there would be no surprises.  The course was very flat except for the hill at the start/finish.  Fast times could be run on this course but the 15 mph headwind may have really slowed things down.

I got on the line in the 7th row, right behind Dan and waited for the craziness to begin.  Oddly it seemed that people didn’t go out super-fast at least until we got up the hill and on to the DW highway.  Then a lot of people zipped on by while I tried to latch on to the back of a group to hide from the wind.  It took me most of the first mile to catch the lead women’s pack and I hit the mile in 5:46.  That was just about what I wanted considering the wind (my goal was 28:20 or 5:40 pace).  Dan was 2 seconds ahead of me and I thought “keep him close”.

I slowly moved by people and after the first ½ mile of the race was only passed by one or two people.  I hit 2 miles in 11:24, a surprising 5:38 split.  Dan was now 3 seconds ahead and the lead woman was between us.  From two to three miles we did a big loop and started running back through the people on the way out.  A few yelled for me, which was nice but also alerted Dan to exactly where I was.  I hit 3 in 17:08, which had to be in the wrong spot.  It was probably about 5 seconds short of the correct location.  Dan was 4 seconds ahead and I still thought I might have a shot at him over the last 2 miles.

Three to four miles was my slowest mile of the day at 5:52 (but if I’m correct on three being off by 5 seconds this would be a 5:47).  I was not happy, since this mile was with the wind and I’d maintained pace on Dan.  Just after the four mile I passed the lead woman but just couldn’t close on Dan.  He extended his lead to six seconds with a strong last ¼ mile.  I ran out of steam on the final downhill and only just barely held off the top woman.

Although the time was slower than hoped for (28:37 – Chip time of 28:34), looking at other guys times I placed just about where I should.  I can’t complain about finishing third in the 50-54 in a New England championship!

Next up:  Mt Washington

Top 5 50+
1Robert Cipriano 54  28:12 Somerville Road Runners
2 Dan Verrington             51  28:31 Central Mass Striders
3 Dave Dunham  50  28:37 Central Mass Striders
4 Paul Hammond 54  28:49 Whirlaway Racing Team
5 Michael Cooney            52  28:57 Whirlaway Racing Team
Overall and CMS
1          JEFF VEIGA        23         LOWELL MA        24:19    RUN
2          BRIAN HARVEY   27         BOSTON            MA        24:27    BAA
3          NATE JENKINS    33         N ANDOVER       MA        24:37    CMS
4          ERIC ASHE         25         BOSTON            MA        24:53    BAA
5          SEAN DUNCAN    24         ARLINGTON        MA        25:02    WMDP
22         PATRICK RICH                 37         S HAMILTON MA 25:55    CMS
23         SCOTT LESLIE                32         RUTLAND MA      25:58    CMS
32         MORGAN KENNEDY          26         GRAFTON MA     26:17    CMS
33         GREG PUTNAM                44         STONEHAM MA   26:18    CMS
53         COLBY CHRUSCIEL           21         TEMPLETON MA  27:09    CMS
63         JOE SHAIRS                    46         PEABODY MA     27:42    CMS
64         MATTHEW VEIGA                       27         LYNN MA           27:46    CMS
67         JAMES PAWLICKI                        39         LYNN MA           27:55    CMS
68         ANDY MCCARRON            31         KEENE NH          27:58    CMS
81         DAN VERRINGTON           51         BRADFORD MA    28:31    CMS
86         DAVE DUNHAM               50         BRADFORD MA    28:37    CMS
90         JASON PORTER               44         BEDFORD NH      28:40    CMS
98         ARTHUR BESSE               41         TEMPLETON MA  28:51    CMS
126       NICK TAORMINA             41         GLOUCESTER MA            29:44    CMS
149       MARTIN TIGHE               56         PROVIDENCE RI  30:27    CMS
165       DAVE MINGORI               47         CHARLTON MA    31:20    CMS
168       SAM WOOD                    27         LACONIA NH       31:26    CMS
318       DAVID LAPIERRE             50         CHELMSFORD MA            35:38    CMS
399       WILLIAM GONSORCIK      47         WORCESTER MA 37:33    CMS
426       STEPHEN LASKA             52         HOLDEN MA        37:57    CMS
498       FRANK RUGGIERO            55         LUNENBURG MA  39:37    CMS

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