Monday, November 10, 2014

Week Ending 11-09-14

Week Ending 11-09-14
I was hoping to get my ankle tendonitis under control and at the same time take an easy week in hopes of racing well at the USATF NE cross-country championships.  A cortisone shot and the low mileage seemed to help my ankle but really didn’t do me any good for the race which was a major disappointment.  Five weeks ‘til XC nationals, and I WON’Ttaper.   The 66 miles for the week is my lowest since the first week in August.
M – Lunch 7 in 50:26
      PM 3x800 in 246/246/244

T – 330am Industrial park 6 in 50:17
      PM – Cortisone shot

W – Lunch 7 in 52:41

Th – Lunch 7 in 50:28

F – Cooley hill 6.5m snowy run
      Black Mountain snowy run

S – Littleton/Dalton town bag 5m 49:29
     Lisbon/Landaff/Lyman/Bath town bag 6 in 51:27

S – USATF NE XC champs.  3 warm-up, 1m with strides, 8k race, 3m warm-down

Week = 66
Month = 90
Year = 3406
Life = 126,427

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