Friday, February 24, 2017

Amherst 10 mile

My history at the Amherst (MA) 10 mile
I’ve only done this race seven times but for some reason it seems like a LOT more.  This would be among my favorite races IF it were held any time between March-June or September-November.  Since it is the first race in the USATF NE Grand Prix I’ll be back there again with about 600 others looking to survive the muddy/snowy/icy sections of this “Classic”.  Aiming for a new 50+ PR.
Date                  Time     Pl          Field      Notes
02/23/92           50:36    1          476       45-50 degree but roads muddy and slick, with Ed Sheehan right to the end (50:40)
02/28/99           52:27    9          940       USATF NE 10m, strong field and I had an “off day”.  Drizzle 30s very icy in spots.
02/25/01           55:04    1          355       Very slick snow, ice rain, lousy footing.  Many stayed away due to awful conditions.
02/22/09           59:56    77         596       16th 40+, Tired and off the first few miles then stronger last 3 miles.
02/26/12           57:15    62         607       8th 40+ with a masters PR. Very windy but great conditions on the road
02/24/13           57:51    47         500       6th 40+ and 1st in the 45-49
02/22/15           1:04:12 139       595       17th 50+            four weeks after taking a month off due to foot injury

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