Thursday, October 30, 2008


Snow in the high-country and lots of Lake effect snow in New York got me thinking again about the up-coming snowshoe season. I'm working on a list of "Things you should know" for double-j so that he can't accuse me of withholding information. I'm looking forward to dragging him back n' forth to Western Mass every weekend. I really enjoy introducing people to the sport, and it always cool when a fast road/trail/mountain runner tests the waters.

Only 8 weeks until the season officially kicks-off in Woodford, VT. I'll have to remember to bring some surveyor flags with me this year. The last couple of times the course was sparsely marked. At one point last year it really was just a guess as to which way to go.

Felt good today running with double-j at the River. 4m in 29:09, no rants...


s p running said...

introducing to the sport... is that like "hazing?"

davio dune-ham said...

I think it is only hazing if the participant is not truly willing. double-j seems to be up for trying just about anything. His energy is infectious.