Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hawley Kiln

Heading to Hawley for the 9th time racing around the Kiln.  This has some special memories for me as it was my first WMAC race way back in the previous century.  I've won three times, finished second three times and took fourth place twice.
02/20/99HawleyMA7.0058:05244Stopped 3 times to fix shoe, lost by 5 sec to Leigh Schmitt
02/17/01HawleyMA7.001:01:21151Very deep snow, bonked last mile
02/15/03HawleyMA7.001:02:434735 deg sunny out with Ken Clark to 3+ 1 Rich Bolt 58:50
03/04/06HawleyMA3.5527:394451W Petey for first mile then dropped him on downs, closed on Jim Pawlicki.  1st Paul Low 24:30
03/03/07HawleyMA5.0052:4423911 Dmitry Drozdov buried me in last 1/2 m.  Tough almost all single-track
02/28/09HawleyMA4.6038:321771Took it out hard and had the lead on single-track slowly pulled away 2nd Matt Cartier 39:56
03/07/10HawleyMA4.6041:482612Felt okay, just not really ready to race (no warm-up) Tivo 38:58
03/05/11HawleyMA4.6039:201751Beat Ross Krause by 1:30, lead from .7 on.

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