Sunday, February 10, 2019

Week Ending 02/10/19

Week Ending 02/10/19
Another week of miserable hamstring.  I did feel good Monday afternoon but other than that felt like I was running on one leg all week.  Headed in for physical therapy on Saturday. Got dry needling and some taping.  Will be going in 3 times next week.  Four MONTHS since I last raced.  Ugh!

Week = 70
Month = 100
Year = 142,379

M – 5am work loop (a bit slick) 5m in 841s
        3pm Edgewood 5m in 733s (felt really good)

T – 8am Industrial Park 4 (icy!) in 844s
       Noon Dan’s lunch 7 in 849s (hamstring terrible)

W – 5am work loop (icy spots) 5m in 848s
        3pm Methuen rail trail 5m in 840s

Th – 5am icy roads so 5 on the treadmill at work in 803s (felt decent)
        3pm work loop 5m in 841s

F – 5am work loop 5m in 858s (ugh)
Sat - 7am PT at Pinnacle
         9am ob 5 on the Methuen rail trail in 836s

Sun - 9am 10 with the Granite State Racing team in 920s 
          1pm 4 out/back on the Salem rail trail in 804s

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