Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 training log

I just bought my new training log.  I've kept track since day 1 in Dec of 1978.  Here is what that looks like:

Thursday, December 30, 2010


I did a workout of sorts yesterday; it was something of a spur of the moment kind of thing. Dan was unavailable yesterday, so I decided to run on the treadmill at work rather than hit the narrow streets in Bradford. There just aren’t any good winter routes from my house (except at 4:30 AM when there is zero traffic). I got on the treadmill right after work and wasn’t sure if I’d do 5 or 6 miles (I did 5m in the morning and 3m at lunch). As I got closer to 3 miles I was thinking about whether I wanted to do a couple of pick-ups. I haven’t done anything fast in a while and I’ll be doing the Frosty Four in Salem on Saturday so getting some leg turnover would make sense. The additional benefit would be breaking up the time on the treadmill. The only drawback to this plan was the maximum speed on the treadmill (10mph or 6:00 mile pace).

I hastily decided to run 3x800 in 3:00 with 400 rest (at 7:00 pace which is quicker than I’d normally recover). The workout went well and I finished with a 1 mile WARM-down for a total of 6 miles in 40:02.

This was only my third workout of the year, but I’ll take them whenever I can. Hopefully this will help me keep Dan in sight and maybe improve on my time from last year (22:22). Time will tell…

2010 workouts
01/29/2010 2m warm-up, 1m in6:00 then 800 in 2:42.5 and 1m warm-down (on the treadmill at Pinnacle)
10/06/2010 4x400 with 400 rest on the Nashua track with Robert in 77.9/77.8/78.4 /77.9
12/29/2010 3m warm-up, 3x800 in 3:00, .25 rest, 1m warm-down on the Fitness center treadmill at work

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Memorable moments in 2010

2010 - Memorable moments

Berlin mountain run/hike/slide with JJ
Injured back missed 5 days

Snowshoe run up/down Sunapee with Eric
Plantar fascia terrible missed 13 days

Peakbagging with Eric and Jim Sul in CT/MA/NY
Run in Zephyr Hills while mom biked along

Plantar Fascia surgery 32 days off

Perfect day hitting summits in Bear Brook State Park
Eric Morse inducted into Harwood HS hall of fame

2nd Place 45-49 at Mt Washington (US Mountain championships)
Worst race of the year – 17:57 3m at Maudsley

My first win of the year, keeping my 32 year streak alive
State high points with Eric and Al in MN, WI, MI

Best race of the year (?) – Mt Ashland Hill climb 5th place overall
2nd place in the 45-49 at the US 10km trail championships

Great tri-state trip with the guys to highpoints in CA, NV, AZ
Summit of Mt Whitney, the highest point in the lower 48

My first Orienteering meet in nearly 2 years
Spontaneous rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at the start of the Baystate Marathon

1st place in the 45-49 at the US trail marathon championships
Completed all of the county high points in Vermont, bagging Camel’s hump with Eric

Great (but short) trip to XC nationals with the CMS 40+ team

Pictures from 2010

Here are some of my favorite shots from this year...

January at Greylock

The lead pack at Northfield in Feb.

In Shorts for the final snowshoe race of the season in late March

With Jim Sul and Eric on the high point of CT

The first picture of Action Dave

Climbing the Upper Walking Boss
Mt Ashland

Just before I bailed on the climb in Ireland

On Top of Mt Whitney in September

Sunrise in Vermont in October

Me, Nancy, Action Dave, and Dan O'Brien

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Week Ending 12-26-10

My first 80 mile week in a while.  I'm trying to keep steady at 11 miles per day (give or take)...

M - 430am Industrial Park 5 in 37:11.  PM @ Dan's work Woods 5 in 38:57
T - Lunch 3 on Treadmill in 21:18, PM 7+ double bird sanctuary loop in 56:06
W - 430am Ind Pk 5 in 36:30, Lunch 3 on Treadmill in 20:46, PM @ Dan's work double bird sanct plus Cemetery loop in 60:51
Th - Lunch 3 on Treadmill in 20:48, PM Out/Back Winni 8 with Dan in 60:12
F - AM run with Petey and Dave La 64:55, then nice relaxing 4m in 33:42
Sat - 7am LONG 10 (despite what others say) from Dan's in 84:29
Sun - All on Snowshoes at Woodford 4- warm-up including marking the course, race in 22:14, warm-down loop in 28:03.

Week - 80
Month - 288
Year - 2,773
Life - 110,144

Monday, December 27, 2010

Woodford Snowshoe

Yesterday the WMAC snowshoe series kicked off in Woodford Vermont.  I headed out a bit early for the 3 hour drive and met up with JJ to mark the course.  We headed out 1:15 before the race start in order to have ample time to mark the course and get back into (dry) racing gear.

The snow was very well packed (fast) and we were able to run the 3.5 mile course in 33 minutes.  We went so quickly I was a little unsure that we had done the course correctly.  Neither of us remembered climbing the "big hill" (we did).  We switched over to race gear and headed out for some more running.

At the start JJ took it out very fast.  TiVO went out quickly as well but was not able to go with Jim.  I felt like I was going all-out and was in 5th by the bottom of the first climb.  I felt a bit better on the climb and moved into 4th just before we got onto the single-track.  That was the last time I could see JJ.  I moved into third a little after that and pressed hoping I could close on Tim.  Somewhere near 1/2 way was the last time I could see TiVO off in the distance.  I ran alone the second half of the race trying to press as hard as possible.

JJ ended up winning in a new course record (low 20), TiVO was 2nd and top 40+ in low 21 and I took third in 22:14.  This was the sixth time I'd run Woodford and by far my fastest time.  Conditions were just unbelievably fast.  We watched the top 10 finishers then JJ and I headed out to loop the course again as a warm-down.  We did that loop in 28:03!

I wasn't all that pleased with my race, I'd only finished 35 seconds behind JJ and TiVO last year, but I wasn't feeling race ready.  Some of it had to do with post-XC let down and part was just not having my head in it for a short and fast race.  I'm looking forward to Turner Trail in a couple of weeks, hopefully the snow will be deep and the running SLOW.

Series sponsor Dion Snowshoes
First time racing in snowshoes this season, hoping for many more

Sunday, December 26, 2010

1993 Yankee Homecoming race

Ken Tripp gave me an old newspaper account of the 1993 10m race in Newburyport.  I have no memory of the race but remember how the reporter mangled a couple of my quotes after the race (he had me saying it was a "technical" race instead of "tacticle").  The only thing of note from my training log is that I "cut my knee on a guardrail right before the start".  Splits = 446/454/445/520/512/518/504/514/502/451

There are a lot of familiar faces in the start line picture...

Despite a very hot day (90's) 138 broke 60 minutes

Saturday, December 25, 2010

40+ snowshoe rankings

Here are my pre-season picks for the top New England masters (40+) snowshoe racers.  I have no idea who is racing this year and who is healthy...time will tell.

1. Tim Van Orden – finished as top master in 11 of the 13 races he ran last year including two overall victories. Tim had one second place master finish (Turner trail) and finished fourth at snowshoe nationals.

2. Sean Snow – Got better as the season went on. Capped off the last year with an impressive second place finish at the snowshoe nationals. Ran six races last season. Finished 3rd master in the GS series.

3. Dave Dunham – Injured from Sidehiller on, but still managed to run some snowshoe races. Gave Tim VO his only loss in WMAC action at Turner trail and managed a top masters spot at the NH championship. Ran 10 races last season. Finished second master in the WMAC series.

4. Steve Wolfe – Was competitive in both the WMAC and NH series. Ran 11 races last season. Top master in the Granite state series.

5. David Principe – Had a solid season capped off with a second place masters finish at the NH championships and a fine fifth place at nationals. Finished 2nd master in the GS series.

6. Chris Dunn – Not only ran well all season, finishing six races, but also directed several races and was the head honcho behind the Granite State Series and created the new Northeast Snowshoe Federation for 2011.

Me, kicking it in at Northfield last year

Friday, December 24, 2010

Hiking lists

Here are my top hiking lists with totals up to date...
ListTotalDone% comp
CT county high points88100%
CT county prominence8113%
MA county high points1414100%
MA county prominence1414100%
NH county high points1010100%
NH county prominence1010100%
RI county high points55100%
RI county prominence5120%
VT county high points1414100%
VT county prominence141071%
ME county high points16531%
ME county prominence16638%
NY county high points621829%
New England CO HP675684%
Northeast US CO HP3007926%
NE 4,000'683856%
NH 4,000'482960%
NH fire towers1616100%
AMC NE 100 highest1005151%
Belknap Range1212100%
US state high points503468%
On Boundary peak - NV state High Point

Thursday, December 23, 2010

2011 Goals

2011 Goals

Get/Stay healthy

Average 10 miles per day for the year

Don’t miss any days

Beat Dan at least once

Keep my winning streak alive for another year (32 and counting)

Break 1:10 at Mt Washington

Break Andy Ames single age Mt Washington record (1:09:33)

10km 40+ PR at James Joyce Ramble

6km 40+ PR at Medical Center

Finish in the top 10 40+ at a USATF NE championship

Get a medal at the US Mountain championships (Cranmore)

Run at least two US trail championships

Race more than 40 times

Monday, December 20, 2010

Week Ending 12-19-10

Solid week at 78 miles (last four weeks were 72, 75, 77, and 78).  Postier Tibial tendonitis and Plantar Fascia are holding steady, sore but no worse.

M - Lunch 3 in 20:39.  PM Basin x3  and out/back 4m total of 51:56
T - Lunch 3 in 20:08.  PM basin x3 and 5m loop with Dan total of 59:13
W - Lunch 3 in 20:13.  PM out/back 8m with JJ in 57:41
Th - Lunch 3 in 19:38.  PM 3xbasin and 5m loop with Ken T and Dan in 58:52
F - Lunch 3 in 19:30.  PM out/back 8m with JJ in 56:54
S - 3 w Petey and the gang into 5m Winni loop for a total of 62:21.  Nice relaxing 4m in the afternoon.
Sun - Cranking 10m on the River in 1:12 into out/back 2+ with big group - total 1:30:14

Week = 78
Month = 208
Year = 2,693
Life = 110,064

Next up: Snowshoe season kicks off next week at the I Love Woodford race!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Rivah

Ran the River course 10m this morn with a big group of fast guys.  I'm glad I took it short and easy yesterday and saved something for today!  Out to the turn in 36:53, then back in 35:36 (1:12:30) then added on a little more than 2m with the brothers Q in 17:44.  Dan and JJ and others went various distances.  12 was plenty for goal race this spring is New Bedford where we will kick-off the USATF Grand Prix.

I've only run the course 3 times this year.
04-04-10 = 79:25
06-26-10 = 74:39
12-19-10 = 72:30

My fastest training run (back in the day) was just over 61 minutes. My PR for the course is 56:42.  The fastest I've raced it as a master is 63:47.

Old picture of me and Paul Low, both sporting the Nike Tupu shoes before the start at the River

Saturday, December 18, 2010

110,000 miles

Back in 2007 I surpassed 100,000 took me over 3 years to get my next 10,000.  Earlier this week (while on my own running around the basin loop at Winnekenni) I passed 110,000 miles.  Only 1,111 miles until my odometer hits all "1"'s...

Pic from the 100,000 mile run

Friday, December 17, 2010

Splits at XC nationals

I like every opportunity to compare splits, always makes for good discussion....
Eric M
George A
David Q
Official time
Official time
Official time
Greg P
Dave D
Scott C
Official time
Official time
Official time
Rod V
Official time

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

USA masters XC Nationals

Over the weekend I ran in my first XC Nationals in many years. It was a great experience! I’ve always enjoyed XC it really takes you back to the roots of racing and the “good old days” of team competition. We were fortunate enough to have enough interested and healthy age 40-49 guys to field a full team at Nationals.

The trip out was uneventful (direct flight from Manchester to Charlotte). We all chowed down on subs in the airport and had a little while to get reacquainted while we waited for the 6 PM flight. Trips like this (even short ones) are a great reminder of why I enjoy being part of a team.

After a good night sleep, (Eric and I got the room well under 65 degrees) we headed out for Dunkin’s and a quick trip to a nearby County High Point. That was a good way to break up the morning; it was pretty boring just sitting around waiting for the late (11:30 AM) race start time.

We arrived at the race site 90 minutes before our start. I had forgotten the vibe of a big XC meet. Wow, there were clubs with tents set up all over the place and tons of very fast people running all over the place. XC does not attract road running 5k posers; this was a serious crowd who were here to race. Any lingering lack of enthusiasm (the opposite of Billy Mumfrey’s problem) was dissolved by the excitement in the air.
As we gathered up our numbers I heard that all teams had to report to the line 15 minutes prior to the start. They would do a final check in and were expecting it to take nearly that amount of time due to the large crowd of nearly 400 runners. So, with little time to worry we were off to check out the first loop of the course. It was an interesting loop with mostly dirt “trail”, probably more of a dirt road than trail. It was plenty wide and had no sharp turns to worry about. A form of that loop would be done three times and the only hill would be negotiated three times as well. It was a good 50’ climb over a short distance with the downhill in about 100m or less. None of the course was technical (well it might have been “Colorado Technical” J), so it looked like there would be a lot of fast times. That doesn’t really help me, but it was pretty much what I expected.

I switched into racing gear and my Inov-8 racing flats and did another mile or so with some strides. I saw Jason Cak, Francis, Byrne, and a slew of other fast guys that I knew. It was wild seeing so many fast people lining up. We found out at the last minute that only 5 runners are allowed in the box and teams with any other runners (you are allowed up to 8) would have to go to a different box set up for individual runners. No one seemed to want to leave so Eric and I volunteered to go. It turned out we got a slightly better box with a straight shot onto the dirt road. Eric took the line and I got behind him, which meant both of us would get a clean start. An individual runner from GBTC joined us and at the last second Tom Derderian also lined up with us.

Here is a little bit of what went through my head…

Start to 1 mile

Okay, be smart don’t shoot out too fast. Relax. Gun is up! Follow Eric. Don’t get knocked down. Wow, that wasn’t so bad…pretty easy getting onto the road. Crap, here comes everyone from the right! Wow, that must be about 100 people moving onto the road. Relax, don’t fall. Am I going too fast? Too slow? Hey, there’s Dave Quintal…okay he is only a few seconds up I must be okay. 5:39, okay right where I hoped to be. I wonder what place I’m in. Man, this is tough.

1 mile to 2 miles

Dave is pulling away, don’t push just yet…too early. Here comes the hill, cut the tangent. Wow, no one else made that move. That saved me a couple of yards. Push the downhill. Yikes! I just passed about 10 guys. That wasn’t much of a downhill. Where’s Dave? He is cutting every tangent and staying out of the pack. Smart move, follow him. 5:45, okay relax…good mile with the hill.
2 miles to 3 miles

I wonder where the other guys are. Concentrate. Don’t lose focus. Get to three and see if you can reel in Dave. Crap there are a lot of 50+ guys out here running fast. At least I know the loop pretty well now. It’s getting a lot easier to run, the crowds have thinned out. 5:41, okay that means about 17:40 at 5km. I should be able to run 35:30 to 35:40 if I can keep it together.
3 mile to 4 miles

Crap, that’s Greg Putnam on the side of the trail. I hope he’s okay. Concentrate. Work the hill again. Wow, no one is cutting tangents...what are they thinking? Maybe I’m a good descender I got another 5 guys going down this little hill. Tim Cox just yelled “go guys” not “go Dave”. I wonder who is catching me. That’s Greg, good that he is back in the race. I wonder how the other guys are doing. CONCENTRATE. 5:44, man that hurt…must have been the hill.

4 miles to 5 miles

Concentrate, relax, go after Dave. Crap, he is about 15 seconds up! Don’t let Greg pull away. Hey, that’s Mark Reeder! Go with him. Wow, that mile went by fast. 6:08. What! That can’t be right. Must be a long mile, no one passed me and I’m moving up. Concentrate. One mile to go.

5 miles to 6 miles

I’m hurting. Don’t let Reeder go. Hey, I think I’m closing on Dave. Here comes the hill. Crap, that guy is in the 60-64 age group! Go after him! Ugh, I think I pushed too hard on the hill. Greg is going to outkick me. Concentrate, go after him. Everyone is going so slow on the downhill, really work it.

5:51. No time to worry, had to be long.

6 miles to the finish

Don’t let Greg go by. Stay with Greg. Try to follow Greg. Don’t tie up. Ugh, that is one long straight. Crap, Reeder and Greg are flying. Don’t ease up, kick, kick, kick. :56 That had to be short.

Well the race was over quickly. It seemed to take forever to get to the mile then the miles just flew by. Tim grabbed some water for all of us and then we got a group picture. I heard from a few people that the course was long (6.29) and was glad to hear that everyone’s splits were off for 5 and 6 miles. I was given an official time of 35:44 which is pretty close to my best 10km time as a master, so I was pleased.

We headed back to the car and got it together for a warm-down. We did another loop and then watched the women race before heading out for a little more mileage. The day was just about ideal with temperatures in the upper 40’s and a little cloud cover and no wind. The team did well, finishing 13th of 26 teams. I was the fifth man or the final scoring member of the team, but Scott Clark (35:53) and Rod Viens (36:01) were close behind.

We didn’t really stay much longer, just cleaned up a bit and headed for the airport. It was a quick trip but a lot of fun. Unfortunately next year’s championships will be in the Northwest so it is unlikely we’d send a team. There was some talk of the masters 5k championships in NY.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Week Ending 12-12-10

M – Lunch 3 in 18:57 (PR). PM Basin 1m plus Winni 5 with Dan and JJ in 43:09

T – Lunch 3 in 19:54. PM 3xBasin 1m plus Winni 5 with JJ and Dan in 57:22

W – 430am Industrial park 5 in 36:30. Lunch 3 in 19:59. PM nice relaxing 3m in 25:29.

Th – Lunch 3 in 19:23. PM Basin 3 alone then Winni 5 with Dan total 58:51

F – 430am Ind Pk 5 in 37:02. Lunch 3 in 20:26. PM Winni 5 in 34:42

Sat – 3 warm-up (with strides), 10k+ XC Nationals in 35:44, 3 warm-down in 25:01

Sun – Ran car off the road (black ice) 4+ hours for tow. Very slow run with Petey and Dave L then on my own for a total of 1:25:47.

Week = 77
Month = 130
Year = 2,615
Life = 109,986

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I've run 125 Cross-Country races since 09-17-1979.  This weekend I'll be running in my 6th National championship.  I'm hoping to crack the top 100, but you never know...

11/28/87 49th in 31:42 for 6.4 miles in a field of 500 -  New York NY TAC championships 40s cold very hilly

11/25/89 78th in 34:35 for 6.4 miles in a filed of  298 - San Francisco CA TAC championships Polo fields in CA pouring rain and 60 deg. felt awful.

11/30/91 45th in 30:49 for 6.25 miles in a field of 500 -  Boston MA TAC XC nationals in 100+ at mile with Hodge pased many

11/28/92 25th in 30:51 for 6.21 miles in a field of  323 -  Racine WI US championships Muddy, icy spots footing tricking. 5k movid into top 30. CMS 2nd by 11 pts

12/03/95 70th in 30:18 for 6.21 miles in a field of 379 -  Boston MA USATF championships CMS top Assoc team. Mud and frozen puddles, sprained ankle in warm-up

02/13/00 88th in 44:43 for 7.45 miles in a field of 92 -  Greensboro NC USATF championships Ran as a workout

From my best XC finish at Nationals in 1992

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Trip report - NC and VA

As always, when I’m traveling I try to find some interesting sites and hopefully a couple of county high points to visit. I headed to Virginia beach with Paul Kirsch (USATF NE mountain chair) and we got there early enough in the day to visit three county high points. The highest of the three was only 85’ and we had to climb about 2’ to reach the “summit”. It was an interesting drive through the countryside of both Virginia and North Carolina. We finished the day with a visit to the Great Dismal Swamp where we went for a great run on the very flat trails in the park. We ran on the Canal road (it ran along the canal) and on the Kim Saunders Ditch. I’m not sure I’d want a ditch named after me! Our timing could not have been better as we reached the airport as Richard Bolt (USATF OR mountain chair) arrived. Unfortunately Richard is still hobbling from a calf injury and was unable to do any running with us over the weekend.

Pics from NC & VA HP, Tower, and Swamp

PK at Great Dismal Swamp

Making friends with the wildlife at GDS
Our main focus of the trip was some very long meetings with the MUT (Mountain Ultra Trail council). I’m on the council as the Masters Mountain chair. We had some meetings that would be of marathon and beyond (time-wise) and as always at these meetings a lot was debated/discussed/decided in hallway meetings and at meals.

Other fun places we visited included a very cool run in the First Landing State Park. There were some great trails in there including some hills and some very funky looking trees draped in hanging moss. The trails were very popular even though we were in there just before sunset. We ran by a lot of groups of high school kids, looked like a neat spot for XC racing.

We also visited the Joint Expeditionary Base at Fort Story. It was weird having them check out the car including putting mirrors underneath. We only had a short visit checking out the First Landing Memorial and the lighthouses before heading on our way.

We also had a very brief visit to the Wright Brothers memorial at Kitty Hawk. Kill Devil hill is a possible candidate for the county high point and it is the location of the memorial, so we got a little history along with a peakbag (not much of a hill but quite a bit of prominence). We also visited Jockey’s Ridge State Park which is a wedge of mostly sand hills stuck between Roanoke Sound and the Atlantic. It was kind of interesting but way too cold and windy to spend more than the few minutes it took to get to the top of the ridge and back.

Bolt ascending Jockey Ridge

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lunch run

I try to run my lunch run at the same "effort" pretty much every day. The time can range from 26 minutes the day after a long race to under 21 minutes on a fast day. I've only been running this particular version of the course since I moved back to our Methuen office. So, I've only got data from about 15 months. On Monday I ran my first sub 19, despite the wind and cold. I felt good from the start and although it wasn't easy, I would still call it comfortably hard.

Here is my CR progression for the 3m multiple loop course over the last 2 months
10-13-10 = 19:35
10-27-10 = 19:12
12-06-10 = 18:57

2011 US championships - Mountain / Ultra / Trail

Ultra trail championships (each race is the US championship)

100km Trail champs - Bandera 100K 01/08/2011 Bandera, TX

50 Mile Trail - Nueces Endurance Run 03/05/2011 Rocksprings, TX

50km Trail - Flagline 50K 09/24/2011 Bend, OR

Ultra road championships (each race is the US championship)

50km Road - Caumsett 50K 03/06/2011 Long Island, NY

100km Road - Mad City 100k 04/09/2011 Madison, WI

100 Mile Road - Burning River 100 07/30/2011 Cleveland, OH

24 Hour Road - North Coast Endurance Run - 09/17/2011 Cleveland, OH

50 Mile Road - Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK 50 Miler - 10/23/2011 Boalsburg, PA

Trail championships (each race is the US championship)

15km Trail - USA 15km Trail Champs 05/14/2011 Spokane, WA

½ marathon Trail - Footzone Dirty Half 06/12/2011 Bend, OR

10km Trail - Continental Divide Trail Race 08/27/2011 Laurel Springs, NC

Mountain Champs & US team selection race - Cranmore Hill Climb 06/26/2011 North Conway, NH

USATF Trail Series

15km Trail - USA 15km Trail Champs 05/14/2011 Spokane, WA

½ marathon Trail - Footzone Dirty Half 06/12/2011 Bend, OR

Mountain Champs & US team selection race - Cranmore Hill Climb 06/26/2011 North Conway, NH

10km Trail - Continental Divide Trail Race 08/27/2011 Laurel Springs, NC

Monday, December 6, 2010

Week ending 12-05-10

M – Lunch 3 in 21:57 feeling tired. PM 3xbasin plus Winni 5 in 60:35

T – Lunch 3 in 20:16. PM 3xbasin plus Winni 5 in 59:17

W – 430am Industrial park 5 in 37:55. Lunch 3 in 20:37. PM nice relaxing run in 23:42.

Th – Run with Paul K in the Great Dismal Swamp in North Carolina in 61:57.

F – AM out/back run with PK and Jason B in 29:20. PM run with the same in the First Landing State park in Virginia in 66:52

Sat – AM out/back run on the Virginia Beach strip with PK, JB, and Nancy H in 30:14. Lunch run with Jason in 39:24. PM out/back in a light snow with PK and JP in 29:07

Sun – AM out/back on the VA beach strip with PK and JP. Cold and WINDY in 59:57

Week - 75
Month - 53
Year – 2,538
Life – 109,909

Do I really need a caption about Dave's hot and spicy pickle?

North Carolina/Virginia trip

Here are some pictures from the past on the convention to follow.

Action Dave in a cotton field in NC

At the Great Dismal swamp

At First landing state park

Heading to the top of Kill Devil Hill at Kitty Hawk

Paul K struggles on  Jockey Ridge